12 & 7


Acting Workshops

Purpose: To develop the acting ability of the church community through training.


  • Study and utilize the theories and techniques of the acting masters.


  • To provide a safe environment where talent and creativity are encouraged to grow.


  • To learn how the actor sees, listens, thinks and feels through the use of acting exercises and games, improvisation, script analysis, character analysis, vocal and breath work.


  • To learn to overcome stage fright, acquire memorization and preparation skills.


  • Learn the language of the theatre and explore some of its history, including its relationship with the church.


  • To understand God’s role in theatre and acting.


  • To understand the difference between theatre, drama, and skits.


  • Workshops available for all ages, including VBS, and in different formats.


Any or all of the above may be included in a given workshop depending on the workshop’s focus and duration.