12 & 7

Sunday Morning Services

For services rendered on Sunday mornings, 12 & 7 Theatre Group allows for a church to take a love offering, pay outright, or both if they are so inclined. Having spoken to several pastors on the subject, it seems all three are practiced. Above all, 12 & 7 does not wish to offend anyone and wants to ensure each church’s comfort in the discussion of compensation.

12 & 7 understands that a performance must be of God and under the direction of the Holy Spirit. At the same time, 12 & 7 features a dedicated group of highly trained actors, writers, and directors who have dedicated their lives to studying and pursuing theatre as a livelihood.

Workshops, Seminars, & Other Services

As opposed to Sunday morning services, where the majority of the church congregation is present, and a love offering is fair compensation, 12 & 7’s other services follow their own price guide. Please contact us for more information.


With all this said, though, 12 & 7 is committed to working with your church regardless of size or budget, and is willing to develop pieces that suit your needs.