12 & 7

Speaking Engagements, Retreats, Conferences

Purpose: To develop within the Christian community recognition and appreciation of all artistic mediums, as well as demonstrate the necessity of incorporating these mediums into regular church routine. The goals of each seminar may include:


To portray God as a creative God, and exhibit his desire for Christians to create.


To understand the presence, the lack thereof, or the distortion of God within artistic culture (ie: movies, music, fine art, theatre).


To discuss the history of Christianity and art in order to understand how the two have been and are currently related.


To provide resources and explore ideas Christian leaders can use to incorporate art into their churches.


To demonstrate the necessity that any art used within Christian communities must be of the highest order. This requires those who create within these communities possess the qualifications any other position would entail, while at the same time encouraging the young artist to grow.


To explore ideas of how the church can connect with the culture through the use of art.


Seminars can be panel discussion or sermon style.