12 & 7


We have listed the context in which we think our plays will best work, but they are by no means limited to that context. Each of our plays can work well Sunday morning, or at any venue and for any other service. Also, please note that 12 & 7 is willing to develop a piece especially for you and your congregation.

Demonized Man (6 minutes) Perfect as a Sermon Starter

Profiling the man from the Gadarenes whom Jesus healed after he crossed the Sea of Galilee. He powerfully describes how Jesus freed him from his life of bondage.

Jonah the Prophet, Jonah the Man (30 minutes) Men's Groups/Conferences, Evening Services

When we run from God, we suffer. When we follow God, we find him to be trustworthy.

The Same Coin (10 minutes) Youth Groups and Youth/Parents

An excellent choice for youth groups, as a teaching or outreach tool, and also for parents. The Same Coin observes two teenage girls, one a pastor’s kid, the other an outcast, and their experiences with God.

White Stones (12 minutes)  Women's Groups/Conferences

Too often, the verdict on women is that they are not what society "says" they should be. Inundated with images on the screen and in magazines, debilitating words from their parents, husbands, and boyfriends, wounds are glossed over with various defense mechanisms. White Stones addresses these issues by examining the truth needed to become the woman God sees.

Beauty to Ashes, A Journey of Brokenness (25 minutes)
Retreats, Conferences, Evening Services; Our most artistic piece

God sees the potential of His children and appoints the experiences necessary for them to find freedom & fulfill their destinies.

Those Who Knew Him (Our Easter Play)

Those Who Knew Him can be performed with six actors, or as a full-length production over a weekend. The latter can be downloaded from our website for a small fee. Those Who Knew Him examines the people who surrounded Jesus during his time on earth.

For more information, or if you are unsure as to which play may work best and have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.