12 & 7


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My wife and I call following two churches our home churches. At both, you will find the truth and grace of Jesus presented, with excellent music as well as loving people.

Liquid Church

Like 12 & 7, Liquid Church is experiential and relevant with a full rock band, chill atmosphere, creative environment, and extensive use of multi-media. Pastor Tim Lucas brings new insight to Scripture and God's will for his people. Liquid has recently launched an internet campus.


Evangel Church

At Evangel, you will find a more contemporary and traditional service. Pastor Kevin Brennan makes it seem like God is sending each congregant a specific message.


Recommended Readings

Acting Books

• Aristotle: Poetics
• Michael Shurtleff: Audition (A must for any actor)
• Uta Hagen: Respect for Acting & Challenge for the Actor
• Sanford Meisner: On Acting
• Constantin Stanislavski: An Actor Prepares, Building A Character, Creating A Role
• Stephen Wangh: An Acrobat of the Heart

Art and Christianity

• Madeleine L'Engle: Walking on Water: Reflections on Art & Faith
• Steven Turner: imagine. a vision for christians in the arts



Kirn, Walter. GQ Magazine. September, 2002.
Kirn, a non-Christian, spends a week within Christian artistic culture, observing that Christian art is a second rate photocopy of secular art.
Krahenbuhl, Rev. Lee, Ph.D. "God in Three Personae, Blessed Trinity: Theatre Education to Subvert Puritanical Anti-theatrical Prejudice." The Journal of Religion and Theatre. Summer 2005: 16-25.
Krahenbuhl suggests ways of overcoming Christian prejudice towards the theatre.
Busch, Dr. Beverly. "A Case for Christian Art." The Pillar Monthly Vol. 102, No. 3: 3.
This short magazine article calls out Christians who react to art rather than creating their own. Dr. Busch currently teaches English at Somerset Christian College.
Lucas, Pastor Tim. The Creative Impulse. Liquid Church, based in Morristown, NJ Rec. February 10, 2002.
Tim Lucas, pastor of Liquid Church, sermonizes on who God is as creator, and how His imaginative mind placed incredible beauty and awe-inspiring images into our world. Lucas also notes God's sense of humor as creator when he pays his respects to the ostrich.