12 & 7

How it is Done

Ideas for plays are sometimes taken directly from Biblical stories and characters, while at other times are developed thematically. Either way, the productions are experiential and relevant. Period costumes are avoided as 12 & 7 is mostly concerned with character and story as opposed to costumes and set.


Featuring plays of different length, 12 & 7 can be used to enhance a sermon or series. We are willing to perform at any church service, including Sunday morning, Sunday night, Wednesday night, youth services, and Sunday school. A church may also choose to bring 12 & 7 in for a weekend performance the entire congregation can enjoy.


Certain plays, such as our Easter/ Outreach play, Those Who Knew Him, can be downloaded for use by a church or organization for a small fee. In these cases, copyright law applies, proper credit must be given, and no changes to the script may be made.


12 & 7 is willing to partner with Christian organizations of all denominations as part of larger events, such as conferences and retreats, as well as for consultations for church plays and other endeavors in which the church engages. If you desire 12 & 7’s involvement, but are unsure as to how we may best serve you, please do not hesitate to contact us.


12 & 7 is committed to working with your church regardless of size or budget, and is willing to develop pieces that suit your needs.


View a list of productions we offer here.