12 & 7

WHY 12 & 7 WORKS

People learn through visual, auditory, and/or kinesthetic means. But more crucial is what people experience.
12 & 7 creates this experience for its audience. People learn/retain . . .


  • 10% of what they read
  • 20% of what they hear
  • 30% of what they see
  • 50% of what they see and hear
  • 70% of what they discuss
  • 80% of what they experience
  • 95% of what they teach others¹.

Within the church, it is the pastor’s job to find the best way to communicate his sermon to his congregation. If the pastor uses visual aids, such as power point or graphic design, there is a 30% chance of retention. What if there was a way to increase this retention? Being that theatre is seen and heard, a congregant’s level of retention increases to 50%, but since people are inclined to discuss the performance, retention increases to 70%.

Ultimately, theatre seeks to be an experience. I have seen numerous plays where I was moved by what happened on stage, sharing and discussing this experience with others. I recall because I experienced; now retention is at 80%. With retention this high, there is no reason to disbelieve that a congregant won’t share what he or she saw with family and friends; this person now becomes the teacher, living out and sharing his faith with another, following God’s call in Matthew 28. With the opportunity for a 95% retention rate, a person viewing a 12 & 7 performance will further his knowledge, faith, and trust in Christ.

There are numerous characters in the Bible aching to come alive and teach us. 12 & 7 will enhance sermons by allowing the congregation to better connect with the truths presented. Of course, with the above said, nothing will succeed without God leading the way. 12 & 7 recognizes God’s sovereignty and will always put Him first, asking for his hand to cover and guide our troupe.