12 & 7

In His Own Words

God broke my heart in 2004, before rebuilding it in a powerful way. He removed someone from my life who I cared for very deeply, and I went through a deadening depression. God was teaching me compassion for others. I didn’t understand others pain, nor did I care to, because I had too much of my own. I didn’t understand. Now, I do.


When Aragorn received the sword of the King in The Lord of the Rings, he was told to "become who you were born to be." Each of us has a calling, and my heart lies with God's will. The love of theatre and drama was not placed in me randomly. God gave it to me, so that I, in turn, could give it to you.



After receiving his B.A. in Theatre and Communications from Muhlenberg College in 2000, Michael began his professional acting career. While auditioning and performing, Michael also served as a youth group leader before returning to school to earn his Master of Arts in Theatre from Montclair State University in January of 2007. Not only has Michael performed in numerous plays and films throughout the New York/New Jersey area and elsewhere, but his credits also include stints as a director, acting instructor, college professor, and guest speaker. Michael resides in Northern New Jersey with his wife and cat.


Faith & Testimony

In 1992, at age 14, Michael attended a Young Life event, accepting Jesus as his Lord and Savior. Spending the next 16 years working out his salvation, Michael has strived to understand what it truly means to be a man after God’s own heart.